Speeches on Sexual Health and Environmental Awareness, Colegio Comercial Tolé High School

On November 14, 2012, GENISA presented a series of speech sessions focused on the following matters: Sexual Health and Environmental Awareness for Junior High School students from the High School Colegio Comercial Tolé, placed in the district of Tolé. The sessions were carried out at Tole’s Municipal Gymnasium. The speeches were given by lecturers from MINSA (Spanish acronym for Ministry of Health) as well as from GENISA. The following activities were developed:

  • Video presentation: Sexual Transmission Diseases
  • Speech on Contraceptive Methods and Preservative Utilization
  • Speech on Environmental Awareness: Climate Change and the Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Project
  • Writing Workshop

At the end of the event, it was received a letter of appreciation from the institution, and GENISA sponsored food and drinks for the participants.

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